Presentation to Destination Rotorua

Promoting B & B Abundance

On Thursday 31st March 2016 I had the privilege of promoting my Bed and Breakfast Business to the team at Destination Rotorua.  My presentation was  part talk and part slideshow.  Below is the link to the slideshow.

B & B Abundance Slide Show

B & B Abundance PDF

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    A new Client and Author who runs her own Bed & Breakfast Business here in Rotorua, New Zealand

  2. skup monet says:

    Found your internet site on Facebook, great post. Will share again.

  3. melvin din says:

    I am a semi retired maths /science teacher and will continue teaching part time for a long while.
    Financially I am doing Ok and have some rental investments.
    I am keen to start a bed and breakfast activity in Rotorua area with my son, who is registered nurse.
    I wish to know the ABC of B&B for Rotorua / Taranaki area.
    What sort of investment ( apart from time) will be required to have a 4 bedroom place with two rooms used for guests or similar ratio.

    Do I need to do make extensive renovation to convert the house into self contained units.
    Are there many suitable homes available for sale in Rotorua/ Napier / Taranaki which will fit the bill,
    Can somebody point me in the right direction.

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