Stay at B&B Abundance, ROTORUA, New Zealand and we will offer you 10% on Tourist Attractions

We are delighted to offer our guests 10% discounts to many local attractions including:

Te Puia


Pohutu Geyser – photo taken by Tom Whittle

A wonderland of geothermal activity with walks, Kiwihouse, Maori Arts Centre.  At this present time TePuia is undergoing a 22 million re-design of the Kiwi House, the restaurant and the Maori Arts Centre.  It is going to be amazing and will be a great benefit to the locals and tourists who visit year round.

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Whakarewarewa is the historic maori village just below Te Puia.  Going back to 1989 and both Te Puia and Whakarewarewa were one place.  You could walk around Te Puia and end up at the gates which led into Whakarewarewa Village.  This living villiage is amazing. Children jump off the bridge for money in the river, cooking is done in the hot thermal water.  Today Whakarewarewa is a tourist attraction of it’s own 

Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park (The Hidden Valley) – This includes  a complimentary HOT drink on arrival.

Another beautiful spot to visit with a rich Maori history.  Mud pools, Hot Springs and much more.  From the visitors centre you get a short Ferry ride to the Thermal area and caves.  Stunning scenery which will enchant any tourist, nationally or internationally.


One of the most stunning Thermal Wonderlands on the outskirts of Rotorua.  With a deep history about Taupo Volcano which last blew over 2000 years ago.  Legend says the blast was heard in China and the Volcano was bigger than Everest.  Today it is a crater lake (like Lake Rotorua) which is 180km to get round.  Wai-O- Tapu has fantasic walks a geyser which shoots up into the air each morning. The colours of the water is outstanding and you will find many photos on social media.  

Rainbow Springs – Kiwi Encounter 

Rainbow Springs is a wonderful place to take your children.  It has wonderful walkways through forests which follow a trout stream. You will find white swans areas where you can view huge trout and much more.  There are farm animals to feed and a great playground for families where you can play and eat yoru picnic.  

Agrodome – Back Country Adventure and Farm Tour 

How much do you know about sheep? At the agradome you can go on a farm tour and a back country adventure.  Lots to do and see.

Hukafalls Jet

Huka Falls are close to Wai-O-Tapu.  They are unique.  If you arrive early enough in the morning you will see the empty river.  At 10 am the river is flooded and the waterfall blasts with torrents of lush frothy foamy water.  If you wish to get closer to the loud roar of the water and even get wet – then the Hukafalls Jet Adventure is for you.  It is brilliant to do and to watch from the lookouts.

Over the next few weeks we will be supplying a lot more information on the above tourist attractions, so please keep reading our blogs.

Today we will share our experiences at Te Puia with you – it is only 6 minutes by car from B&B Abundance  – Te Puia  is an amazing experience with Maori cultural performances, tours, walks, lovely warm naturally heated stones to sit on…The list goes on.

A Word from Anna – your hostess.

I visited this myself as a tourist in 2008 and was mesmerised by it – the  boiling water and the steam just billowing up uncontrollable into the air  is an awesome site to behold and time just stood still for me watching its endless patterns AND WHIRL.S .

The hot bubbly mud is like a giant pan of hot chocolate simmering away and then suddenly big drops burst into the air amidst the endless different sized circles of mud – the noise is extraordinary and only hearing is believing this.

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