Earthquakes Make the World a Smaller Place

Earthquakes are a daily thing in New Zealand.  Not many tourists realise this.  Since the latest quakes – a terrifying experience for those affected. There have been over 1800 quakes in two days from 2.0 upwards to 5.8 since the first two big ones.  The news says there have been 100,000 landslides.  A natural disaster of magnitude.  The fear for friends relative and tourists is high, especailly those in Kiakoura and the other affect areas.  Though Kiwis seem to always get through, after all we learn to live with daily shakes, even if most aren’t felt.  We pull together and support each other.

Civil Defence, the Miltary and Government have been on the ball.  Amazing work from them all.  We all thank them for the quick response assisting those who need evacuating.  

15027785_1434618833232332_1797341028785496331_nPHOTO – The cows.  Probably the most famous photo of these earthquakes.  Imagine you’re grazing in a field and then suddenly it all disappears.  Yes the beef cattle have been rescued. The farmer had to wait to make sure it was safe all all concerned.

More photos of the damage, cutting off Kiakoura from the rest of the country.

15110286_10207544902251201_5399969886284661373_oRoad damage   and also showing one of the huge landslides around the tunnels.
15069054_10207544906891317_8637316375539575219_o 15068536_10207544920891667_3713963107484769566_o 15039688_10207544920131648_25280272498655756_o 15025600_10207544922611710_5037701700210064291_o 15025556_10207544922011695_6932528891885493969_o

All the photos have been taken by Anna Qualifriaqui’shaniquia Redmond‘s album, Hub News and The Defence Force.  As far as  am aware.  I’d like to thank them for these photos and help they have given.


This train track should be was straight prior to the quake15042224_10207544921731688_3685745304742344932_o 15095038_1835472050070191_2807385602256523244_nYou can see here how far the railway track was pushed off its base.  Some of the line is now over the edge and in the sea.  The landslide will take months to clear.  It is huge.

Meanwhile in Rotorua all is calm.  Though a few rocks and rolls, it is a normal day.  Tourist visiting all the different attractions.  Enjoying the peace and tranquility of B&B Abundance.  Lots of people rang our guests to check on their family and friends were safe.  It is at this time we realise the world is a much smaller place where people care for each other.  We were blown away by how many people messaged us to make sure we were safe. It is comforting to get these messages from people all over the world. 

Rotorua rests in an old volcano crater.  The natural geysers, hot water and mud pool is part of what brings Tourists here.  It is also the biggest cultural centre in New Zealand.  The Maori tours, villages are amazing.  Along with Hobbiton, which is about an hour away.  Another gorgeous spot where the Hobbit village from Lord of the Rings was filmed is 

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  1. Peter Granger says:

    Nice artice Anna. Glad you are safe and well. I guess living on a plate boundary does give you wonderful scenery and warm baths! Take care and have a great season,
    Peter and Claire xx

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