B&B Abundance Visit Tamaki Maori Village

We were extremely pleased to be invited to TAMAKI MAORI VILLAGE, as their guests, so that we are now familiar with this AWESOME tour.

All staff were wonderfully welcoming, friendly and well-informed about their culture and launguage and we were delighted to view the smooth-running, welcome, displays, cultural shows  and enjoy the delicious feast.

A picture tells a 1000 words, so here are our highlights:

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An Abundant 2017 Ahead

B&B Abundance has been full to bursting all over the Festive Season with international guests abounding.

Please see some of their wonderfully complimentary comments :  

We continue to update the facilities and can now offer 3 0ff-street parking spaces , with security lighting,  so that guests can safely and effortlessly park.  

Our super king en-suite room has its own private entrance directly from the car park: 

So what’s next?

To paint  the doors and window frames a different  third colour hence enhancing the natural wooden beauty to this Kiwiana  older- style property and to keep it in character with our neighbours properties. : 

To landscape the new garden at the front of the property using traditional Kiwi plants such as red-hot-pokers and complete vegetable garden – to follow

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Happy Christmas from B&B Abundance

Thank you to all our guests for your support over the last twelve months.



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Christmas at B&B Abundance, Rotorua, New Zealand

The excitement is growing as Christmas draws closer.  The cold winter chills, the snow falling in abundance…NO WAIT. This is New Zealand. Here we have a SUMMER Christmas.  It is fascinatingly different and sometimes a bit weird.  Christmas during Summer is amazing.  Bring out the BBQ, go to the beach or the lakes for a picnic and swim.  No hot roast, unless you like one.  Most Kiwi’s have Ham on the Bone with all the different salads you can imagine.

Well now it’s time to tell you what to expect from B&B Abundance.

Anna Radley was born in England and grew up with the typical Winter Christmas.  This means we will be offering our guests a Traditional English hot roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings along with christmas pudding with brandy butter and custard. A gourmet delight. We will also have a Nut Roast available for those who are vegetarian.

Below are two photos from a Summer Christmas at B&B Abundance. 

img_2114 img_1993

We have our own unique driftwood Christmas Tree.

The Pohutukawa Tree is known as the Kiwi Christmas Tree which are in abundance during the Christmas season in the Bay of Plenty.

This Chrismas we will also be decorating a Kiwi Fern with fairy Lights. Watch this space and you will see it decorated in my next post.

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Third Bedroom with Bathroom – OPENING 7th December.

We are expanding our capacity in accommodation to cater for another TWO ADULTS.  There will be a two room area includes twin beds plus a bathroom  – Bath, Shower & Sink and Separate Toilet and a Private Exit.

There will be a complimentary Continental Breakfast.

We can also advise you that there is Off Street Parking and Unlimited Wi-fi. 

NO CHILDREN under 14 years.

The New Room is now available at $150.00 a night.

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Visiting Whakawerawera

A few days ago we visited Whakawerawera which rests at the entance to Rotorua if you are travelling up from Taupo.  Whakawerawera is a living Maori Villiage, full of cultural history which they are happy to share.  It is a amazing place.  Natural hot water, hot earth, fresh steamed or boiled food.  

We had a wonderful time with our guide who had us all speaking a few words of Maori in no time at all.

Below are the photos of our journey through the village, it’s history, it’s culture and seeing how they lived and in many ways still live today.  Yes they all have modern kitchens and bathrooms, however, hot natural water is a must to try out.  There are a few places in Rotorua where you can visit to try a spa, but more on that later.

dsc00919 dsc00831 dsc00833These photos show the entrance to Whakawerawera village, the Maori memorial to those lost during war and out lovely Guide.

Her historical knowledge was amazing and in depth throughout the tour.  As you can see on the sign, there are several Maori words.  As the guide stated -“We didnt have a written language until the British arrived.”

dsc00841 dsc00842

This shows the original Whare (home) where Maori lived prior to the arrival of the British.  Each whare was situated near heat and hot water.  In the first photo you can see the steam rising from the ground.

dsc00849 dsc00850

dsc00847The area is fenced off due to the hot water.  It is aroudn 200 c and can boil food within minutes.  They don’t put meat in the pool due to the fat in the meat.  It makes the water erupt and nobody wants 3rd degree burns.  Instead, just outside the fenced area is one of six steam vents where they parcel food up in the morning and take it home at night.  Beautiful and tasty. Most meals consist of potatoes, kumara, and meat.

dsc00862 dsc00863

These are the bathing pools,  where families meet at night from aroudn the village and take a plunge.  The water flow is usually sealed off prior to bathing so that it can cool down.

dsc00879 dsc00878 dsc00881          dsc00883

The first photo gives you information about the Ancestrial Meeting House (Marae)  This is all hand carved and its origins go back 300 years.  At the Marea they will have celebrations as well as funerals.

dsc00888    dsc00887

Two of the locals from the village who put on a show for tourists.  They tell and show you some of their cultrue, dance, song and a Haka.  The guy called people to see the show on the conch shell. Both are dressing in tradition clothing.   

dsc00892        dsc00907

The Maori performer is dancing with Poi’s. It is amazing to watch.  The next photo is Anna from B&B Abundance with two of the performers – after the show.

dsc00905 dsc00901 dsc00902          dsc00898

These photos were taken at the performance area.  Just to show you how small the whare is, Anna sat on one of the benches.  As you can see there are figures at the entrance and the small looking hut on the pool is where food was kept.

dsc00875          dsc00874

The High Street today.  Some of the homes have shop areas, there is a Kohangareo (Kindy) and a Catholic Church – showing the arrival of Christianity.  Right at the top there is a cemetery. Due to the heat in the ground people are buried in tombs.  Also if you wanted a garden for flowers or fruit and veg then you would need a raised garden bed.

We hope you enjoyed your journey through Whakawerawera with us.

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Earthquakes Make the World a Smaller Place

Earthquakes are a daily thing in New Zealand.  Not many tourists realise this.  Since the latest quakes – a terrifying experience for those affected. There have been over 1800 quakes in two days from 2.0 upwards to 5.8 since the first two big ones.  The news says there have been 100,000 landslides.  A natural disaster of magnitude.  The fear for friends relative and tourists is high, especailly those in Kiakoura and the other affect areas.  Though Kiwis seem to always get through, after all we learn to live with daily shakes, even if most aren’t felt.  We pull together and support each other.

Civil Defence, the Miltary and Government have been on the ball.  Amazing work from them all.  We all thank them for the quick response assisting those who need evacuating.  

15027785_1434618833232332_1797341028785496331_nPHOTO – The cows.  Probably the most famous photo of these earthquakes.  Imagine you’re grazing in a field and then suddenly it all disappears.  Yes the beef cattle have been rescued. The farmer had to wait to make sure it was safe all all concerned.

More photos of the damage, cutting off Kiakoura from the rest of the country.

15110286_10207544902251201_5399969886284661373_oRoad damage   and also showing one of the huge landslides around the tunnels.
15069054_10207544906891317_8637316375539575219_o 15068536_10207544920891667_3713963107484769566_o 15039688_10207544920131648_25280272498655756_o 15025600_10207544922611710_5037701700210064291_o 15025556_10207544922011695_6932528891885493969_o

All the photos have been taken by Anna Qualifriaqui’shaniquia Redmond‘s album, Hub News and The Defence Force.  As far as  am aware.  I’d like to thank them for these photos and help they have given.


This train track should be was straight prior to the quake15042224_10207544921731688_3685745304742344932_o 15095038_1835472050070191_2807385602256523244_nYou can see here how far the railway track was pushed off its base.  Some of the line is now over the edge and in the sea.  The landslide will take months to clear.  It is huge.

Meanwhile in Rotorua all is calm.  Though a few rocks and rolls, it is a normal day.  Tourist visiting all the different attractions.  Enjoying the peace and tranquility of B&B Abundance.  Lots of people rang our guests to check on their family and friends were safe.  It is at this time we realise the world is a much smaller place where people care for each other.  We were blown away by how many people messaged us to make sure we were safe. It is comforting to get these messages from people all over the world. 

Rotorua rests in an old volcano crater.  The natural geysers, hot water and mud pool is part of what brings Tourists here.  It is also the biggest cultural centre in New Zealand.  The Maori tours, villages are amazing.  Along with Hobbiton, which is about an hour away.  Another gorgeous spot where the Hobbit village from Lord of the Rings was filmed is 

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An Abundance of Guests over Labour Weekend

Wow!  What a wonderful weekend we had here at B&B Abundance, ROTORUA.  Lots of international guests from Brazil, Switzerland, America, Venezuela, Britain  and also many Kiwi guests. 

There was an amazing buzz over breakfast with  our guests sharing their experiences and recommending  places to one another, here are a few of their comments from our Guest Book:


Here is a photo of Anna and our Brazilian guests:


The sky was BRIGHT BLUE ALL weekend some come on down and join the fun


We were also lucky enough to be invited on 2 FAMILS to familiarize  ourselves with local attractions :  Huka Falls Jet and Skyline Rotorua



B&B Abundance is proud to offer 10% to all guests and you also receive a free T shirt too.   

We would like to thank Skyline for my delicious buffet and wine – Volcanic Hills who have recently won an award.  Congratulations from us all at B&B Abundance.

img_4112 img_4110 img_4114

We are delighted to have hosted these awesome guests and thank them for their wonderful comments. We look forward to welcoming many more guests now that Summer has arrived in ROTORUA.




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Stay at B&B Abundance, ROTORUA, New Zealand and we will offer you 10% on Tourist Attractions

We are delighted to offer our guests 10% discounts to many local attractions including:

Te Puia


Pohutu Geyser – photo taken by Tom Whittle

A wonderland of geothermal activity with walks, Kiwihouse, Maori Arts Centre.  At this present time TePuia is undergoing a 22 million re-design of the Kiwi House, the restaurant and the Maori Arts Centre.  It is going to be amazing and will be a great benefit to the locals and tourists who visit year round.

dsc00677 dsc00679 dsc00687 dsc00688 dsc00691 dsc00692 dsc00693 dsc00694 dsc00696 dsc00698 dsc00699 dsc00702 dsc00703 dsc00704 dsc00705 dsc00708 dsc00709 dsc00710


Whakarewarewa is the historic maori village just below Te Puia.  Going back to 1989 and both Te Puia and Whakarewarewa were one place.  You could walk around Te Puia and end up at the gates which led into Whakarewarewa Village.  This living villiage is amazing. Children jump off the bridge for money in the river, cooking is done in the hot thermal water.  Today Whakarewarewa is a tourist attraction of it’s own 

Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park (The Hidden Valley) – This includes  a complimentary HOT drink on arrival.

Another beautiful spot to visit with a rich Maori history.  Mud pools, Hot Springs and much more.  From the visitors centre you get a short Ferry ride to the Thermal area and caves.  Stunning scenery which will enchant any tourist, nationally or internationally.


One of the most stunning Thermal Wonderlands on the outskirts of Rotorua.  With a deep history about Taupo Volcano which last blew over 2000 years ago.  Legend says the blast was heard in China and the Volcano was bigger than Everest.  Today it is a crater lake (like Lake Rotorua) which is 180km to get round.  Wai-O- Tapu has fantasic walks a geyser which shoots up into the air each morning. The colours of the water is outstanding and you will find many photos on social media.  

Rainbow Springs – Kiwi Encounter 

Rainbow Springs is a wonderful place to take your children.  It has wonderful walkways through forests which follow a trout stream. You will find white swans areas where you can view huge trout and much more.  There are farm animals to feed and a great playground for families where you can play and eat yoru picnic.  

Agrodome – Back Country Adventure and Farm Tour 

How much do you know about sheep? At the agradome you can go on a farm tour and a back country adventure.  Lots to do and see.

Hukafalls Jet

Huka Falls are close to Wai-O-Tapu.  They are unique.  If you arrive early enough in the morning you will see the empty river.  At 10 am the river is flooded and the waterfall blasts with torrents of lush frothy foamy water.  If you wish to get closer to the loud roar of the water and even get wet – then the Hukafalls Jet Adventure is for you.  It is brilliant to do and to watch from the lookouts.

Over the next few weeks we will be supplying a lot more information on the above tourist attractions, so please keep reading our blogs.

Today we will share our experiences at Te Puia with you – it is only 6 minutes by car from B&B Abundance  – Te Puia  is an amazing experience with Maori cultural performances, tours, walks, lovely warm naturally heated stones to sit on…The list goes on.

A Word from Anna – your hostess.

I visited this myself as a tourist in 2008 and was mesmerised by it – the  boiling water and the steam just billowing up uncontrollable into the air  is an awesome site to behold and time just stood still for me watching its endless patterns AND WHIRL.S .

The hot bubbly mud is like a giant pan of hot chocolate simmering away and then suddenly big drops burst into the air amidst the endless different sized circles of mud – the noise is extraordinary and only hearing is believing this.

dsc00682 dsc00680 dsc00685 dsc00696

The rooms at B&B Abundance are selling FAST, the weather is improving  and the season is rapidly approaching, however there are still fabulous prices for the remainder of October 2016 for en-suite double rooms with complimentary breakfast, wi-fi and off-street parking from $150 – please book via our website or please do not hesitate to call on 0279044004 – we love to hear from you and tailor make your tours.


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Tulip Fest and Grand Opening

What a glorious week we’ve had and it still isn’t quite over…

img_3901The Tulip Fest has been amazing even if the weather hasn’t.  Tulips galore throughout the city and in the Government Gardens with super planned events, hustle and bustle at the new, packed Sunday Farmers’ Market at the City Focus, the heart of our fabulous city.  The tulips look glorious –  reds, yellows, striped – please see the stunning photos.  Rotorua is really rocking this week.

Here at  B&B Abundance our Grand Opening went flawlessly with beautiful sunshine after weeks of rain. It was totally amazing. The most exciting part was our first guest, the  Mayor of Rotorua – Stevie Chadwick who unofficially opened it and quickly realising our shared vision – B&B Abundance is growing rapidly into a place for rest and relaxation using holistic, organic concepts as a place of  healing inspired by The Psychology of Vision (Spezzano,Hawaii) and my previous career as an Occupational Therapist specialising in horticultural therapy. As a practicing Colour Therapist colour abounds too. (BLOGS to follow shortly)

img_20161005_132402 20161005_105848 20161005_113420 20161005_102113 20161005_101747         img_3992

 Steve is a wonderful woman passionate about Rotorua’s multifaceted, thriving  community.  I must agree Rotorua is looking wonderful and improving in leaps and bounds.

Our other guests included  our current guests from USA, Harold and Chris from Auckland, Councillors  Janet Wepa, Karen Hunt and Deputy Mayor, Dave Donaldson,  staff from Rotorua iSite,  our financial support represented by ANZ and  BNZ,  business colleagues from Rotorua X and  Natalie Descat representing Reve de Nouvelle-Zelande based in Paris.  We wore our new aprons with this stunning logos and Claire Plaisted was a wonderful waitress serving snacks and drinks. Everyone loved the new renovations of two en-suite bedrooms.  The house so we’ve been told glows and entices people to stop and call in.  The gardens are developing nicely, though there is still plenty to do this summer.

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