Spring Break in Rotorua

img_1120Spring is in the air!  so why not come on down and see the blossom in The Ikeda Hall Peace Park  which is STUNNING right now. There is a Japanese proverb which states this beautiful blossom only lasts for such a short time as if it was there for longer we would not appreciate its beauty and how delicate and fragile it is – like life itself.

The Cherry blossom and water memorial a reminder to all about the disbandment of nuclear weapons.  Below is a link to a speech given about the gardens.


img_1125      img_1129

In another area of the park the tuis are busy drinking up the nectar, making wonderful, unique, gorgeous sounds – an absolutely delightful sight to behold. My friend and I stopped and stared – mid flow of our conversation as it was a priceless moment.

bird-759545_1920             tui-1120299_1920

I wake up every morning listening to the woody song of the tui’s in my garden and feel the abundance of them all-round me greeting the day.

On the 1st -9th October is the Rotorua Tulip Festival  – the ONLY one of its kind, outside  The Netherlands, in the World.  There will be plenty to do and see, competitions, festival map and of course the 100,000 tulips.  

For the first time the new Farmers Market will be opening at the old city focus on the 2nd October where there will be an abundance of things to buy and enjoy. For those who love to cycle there will be a tour by bike on 2nd October.  For more details of what is going on during the festival week please view the Event Program link attached.

We are joining in with the festivities with a Special Tulip Festival Price at B&B Abundance.  Our price is $99 per night in en-suite bedrooms with continental breakfast. We also have complimentary wi-fi and off-parking for guests. All you need to do is quote STFP on your call or enquiry please. BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment. Do not hesitate to call  us with any queries for additional information. 

img_1074Our garden is flourishing at present. There are daffodils and narcissi in the garden which smell divine. They are used to bring colour and spring into the B&B where they are located in the en-suite rooms giving wonderful fragrance which encircles the air.

At present we are turning the gardens into a native img_1131delight for our guests to enjoy. We recently moved a small  rhododendron from the middle of the front lawn – which is due to be cleverly re-landscaped soon for our guests’ cars. The rhododendron is now in the flowerbeds at the sides of the property which is slowly been filled up with native New Zealand flowers and shrubs as mentioned above.


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Official Opening at B & B Abundance


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En-suites now ready for Summer Season

Hello everyone.

It’s good to be back up and running about after a manic renovation which includes two new  hi-spec en-suite bathrooms and luxury bedrooms.  Below are some of the photos showing what they now look like.  Enjoy.

room (1 of 1) room-1-4 29086640541_1e7418d297_z bathroom3



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The Most Exciting News!

Renovations are taking place at Bed & Breakfast Abundance. In a few weeks we will have two luxury rooms with ensuites, for our guests.  It has been a long journey to get to this point. However I’m now pleased to be able to show you some of the work which has been done over the last few weeks.


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Lest We Forget

It’s ANZAC Weekend – the time to celebrate those who died for us, to give us a better future.  I thought it would be lovely to show you this walk in the Government Gardens, here in Rotorua where you can enjoy the statues which celebrate our men and women of the military.

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Presentation to Destination Rotorua

Promoting B & B Abundance

On Thursday 31st March 2016 I had the privilege of promoting my Bed and Breakfast Business to the team at Destination Rotorua.  My presentation was  part talk and part slideshow.  Below is the link to the slideshow.

B & B Abundance Slide Show

B & B Abundance PDF

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